At BSWANKY, we believe “fine” is a four-letter word to be avoided at all costs.  Why settle for status quo leather goods, when you can have innovation, swank…something that speaks to your soul?

We believe style in a handbag is a need-to- have, not a want-to-have.  Each transitional bag and color combination is carefully designed to turn heads and adapt to the women who use them, moving seamlessly from weekend trip to boardroom meetings. BSWANKY believes in attainable luxury leather goods sourced and produced solely in the United States.  We want our clients to love our products as much as we love creating them.  We feel strongly about empowering women, from seamstresses to CEOs. Why not BSWANKY?

Made in the USA!

Our bags are entirely sourced and manufactured in our own factory right here in the USA. Our workforce is made up almost entirely of immigrant women and artisans, all of whom take immense pride in their work. BSWANKY understands these women are part of an undervalued, underutilized and underserved workforce in our country – one that is not only desperate for jobs that test their skills but afford them the lifestyle they deserve.That is why we at BSWANKY challenge ourselves, our employees, and our customers every day to live our tag line: B The Difference.