Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order

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The Royal Calusa Full Python is imbued in a stunning royal cobalt blue which highlights the natural giraffe pattern, and is the essence of luxury - a serial numbered, limited edition python handbag with complimenting cobalt interior details. Available in limited quantity. To request your custom order, contact

Complete with Serial Numbered Signed Certificate of Authenticity 

  • Can be worn as a shoulder bag or a backpack
  • Fits a tablet, continental wallet, 500 ml water bottle all at once!
  • Bag measures 12’’ L x 10.5’’ H X 4.5’’ W, strap measures 28″ L x 1″ W (includes closure)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Interior hook closure for added security
  • Front nickel closure opens to expand the bag
  • Two D-ring attachments to wear in backpack form
  • Large interior with one zip closure pocket, one open pocket, pen pocket and interior clip key holder
  • Convenient swivel snap closures hook onto exquisite grommet details
  • Four purse feet to protect base of bag  


Read below the daring tale of the python capture from which The Royal Calusa Full Python is sustainably sourced: 

It made her stop in her tracks.

It was just past midnight last July 21st and Amy Siewe was driving her red, Ford F-150 pickup with lights mounted on the cab slowly along the Tamiami Trail, the narrow ribbon of asphalt that cuts through the Florida Everglades between Naples and Miami.

She was near the Oasis Visitors Center for the Big Cypress National Preserve when she caught sight of something along the tree line, that looked like a long- necked dinosaur.

'I thought ‘That wasn’t quite right! I’m gonna back up!’' she said. 'And when I did, I saw her profile and was like, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s a snake!’

'It was a python and she was periscoping – which means she was standing straight up in the air, about three feet off the ground.'

Burmese pythons are beautiful snakes, some of the largest in the world, but they are wreaking havoc on the Everglades ecosystem.

The Terminator of all invasive species, pythons are multiplying almost unchecked and eating everything – marsh rabbits, raccoons, possums, fox, wading birds, deer, even bobcats and alligators – that they come upon.

'By the time I’d gotten out of my truck, the snake had dropped down,' Amy said. 'Although I knew right where she was, it took me three minutes to spot her. That’s how camouflaged they are in the vegetation.

'Finally, I saw her head and it was huge. Kind of intimidating. She was trying to slide back into the swamp, so I jumped on her back and locked my hands behind her head. I dug my feet into the ground to try to keep her from moving, but she was strong. And big. I just didn’t know how big.

'That’s when it dawned on me. I was by myself and I was on the back of this gigantic snake. I kind of questioned my sanity: 'What was I doing?’'

What she was not doing was reigning as the Homecoming Queen at Fairmont High School like she did in the fall of 1994. Nor was she a standout on the tennis team, as she was for both the Firebirds and the University of Toledo.

And she was no longer a successful Indianapolis realtor. In 2019, she’d left that 13-year pursuit and the six-figure salary that came with it, moved to South Florida and reinvented herself.

She is now Amy Siewe: “Professional Python Hunter.”

And on this hot summer night, the 5-foot-4, 120- pound Siewe was facing the biggest challenge of her nascent career.

She wrestled the big python until she was able to slide a small bag over that massive head filled with razor sharp teeth. The snake calmed down immediately and finally, with some help from another hunter who’d stopped, she was able to muscle her catch – foot after foot after foot – into a bag.

It measured a whopping 17 feet, 3 inches – just 18 inches off the current state record – and weighed 110 pounds. The size of this python represents less than .002% of all pythons removed from the Everglades for conservation.

-Taken from an Interview of Amy Siewe in the Dayton Daily News, 2021

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Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order
Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order
Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order
Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order
Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order
Boca Chica Petite Royal Full Python - Made to Order