Who We Are

Our Mission

BSWANKY is rooted in the purpose driven goal that all roads lead to being the difference. From our transformational groundbreaking designs to our giving back product lines, every detailed step in the process of handcrafting our handbags is constructed for a higher purpose. Every exquisite step moves us forward with intention. Just as the passing of the torch, we aim to inspire others to be empowered and B The Difference.

Properly Made in the USA

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"I did not set out to design and manufacture handbags…I set out to change the way women in the U.S. garment industry are treated. Yes, the handbags are beautiful, but that is simply a by-product of being the difference!"

- Gretchen Bauer - Founder, BSWANKY

The BSWANKY story

How it All Began

Behind the bag

Making a Difference

At BSWANKY, we are the transformational brand that represents the purpose behind the person. We believe in always having a cause and inspiring positive change. We are dedicated to our employees, properly handcrafting in the US, and giving back. BSWANKY promises to sincerely consider every step of our process in the best interest of our customers and workforce.

We are challenging our customers to take it one step further and B The Difference.

B The Difference

It's All About the Customer


Our customer is whom we design for; from the bold adventurer to the fast paced executive who needs a stylish accessory to be as flexible as she is. We believe our customers come first and foremost. In fact, numerous customers have been influential in our current designs. We are a trailblazing attainable luxury leather goods company hellbent on designing accessories with our customers in mind.

Believe us when we say fashion and style are essential to us, but our number one priority at BSWANKY is to have you fall in love with each design. So, please don’t hold back, let us know the features you like. We also need to know what you would like to see modified or added to our designs. In every one of us lives a frustrated designer aching to be heard, so don’t hesitate to share any ideas or ways we could improve the leather accessories market! After all, we handcraft our products right here in the USA and can make alterations, additions, and new product designs quickly.

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