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Coveted Heirlooms

It Begins with a Vision...

BSWANKY seeks to create luxury accessories that match both the brand's legend and the customer's personality. From concept to creation, it is imperative that our customers know they own the highest-quality bold luxury, and that their BSWANKY Designer Order is utterly exclusive. That's why specialization and customization play such a prominent role at BSWANKY.

...Then a Meeting

...And the Vision Is Realized

Limitless Luxury

Your vision, your BSWANKY. Our design team can create the luxury accessory of your dreams right here in our undeniably innovative Sarasota atelier. Below is a selection of some of the brilliant, bold styles that have been specially designed to make our customers' visions luxurious realities and can be handcrafed for you upon request.

The Sofita Royal Newsy Sundance

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The Silver Screen Evening Bag

The Heidi Python Shoulder Bag

The Contessa Clutch in Poppy

Custom Color Interior Detailing

Discover the Royal Midnight Tote

The Royal Billfold

Discover the royal billfold

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