Made in the USA

Happily Made in Sarasota, Florida

At BSWANKY, our workforce is made up almost entirely of immigrant women who are artisans, all of whom take immense pride in their work. BSWANKY understands these women are part of an undervalued, underutilized and underserved workforce in our country — one that is not only desperate for jobs that test their skill but afford them the lifestyle they deserve.

We are proudly committed to manufacturing responsibly and happily in the U.S.A. We have truly made the effort to create an inspirational space where these artisan women are surrounded by comfort and beauty. BSWANKY is a proud member of Pledge to America’s Workers.

Sophie Bags in Warehouse

Dedication To Our Team

Through the Eyes of an Artist

Artist Rheana White painted larger-than-life murals of three unique women wearing BSWANKY handbags. After her visit to the BSWANKY factory, she shared what "Manufactured Happily in the U.S". means to her!

"What hangs above is more than just something pretty to look at, it’s about recognizing the potential we hold in each and every one of us, and how it needs to be shown to the rest of the world. We are strong. There is no need to hide that! I see how BSWANKY is changing the lives of others and I can’t wait to see what else they are capable of achieving." - Rheana White

Sophie Paintings in Warehouse

Come See for Yourself

We invite you to visit our inspiring work space. Come take the guided tour at our facility in Sarasota, FL where you will have the opportunity to not only see how our handbags are lovingly made, but also be able to purchase a limited edition handbag that is only available at our Sarasota B Bold concept store.

Visit Our Factory