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BSWANKY is rooted in the purpose driven goal that all roads lead to being the difference. From our transformational groundbreaking designs to our giving back product lines, every detailed step in the process of making our handbags are constructed for a higher purpose. Every exquisite step moves us forward with intention. Just as the passing of the torch, we aim to inspire others to be empowered and B The Difference.



How BSWANKY, a Line of High-End Handbags, Helps Immigrant Women

Sarasota Magazine, 5/13/19 - When Gretchen Bauer moved from Philadelphia to Sarasota seven years ago, she planned to maintain a successful home design business. Instead, thanks to a chance meeting, she launched BSWANKY, a line of upscale handbags manufactured in Sarasota by immigrant women working in ethical conditions.


Three Women

Humanitarianism in Lakewood Ranch comes in many forms

I was having a bit of an argument a few years ago with one of my readers.

He wasn't happy with a column I had written advising folks to make sure they give back to the community, and he basically told me I wasn't following my own advice.

"What have you ever done?" he snarled.


Gretchen with Sophie Tortoise Backpack

BSWANKY business owner supports Sisterhood for Good's Spring Sensations event by donating one of her custom bags.

Peggy Kronus, a member of the Sisterhood for Good women's giving circle of Lakewood Ranch, was asked why a handful of members had come to Sarasota to support BSWANKY business owner Gretchen Bauer during the Party in the USA luncheon March 25.


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Swank on the Shoulder

SRQ, January 16, 2019 - “This business literally fell into my lap when I became aware of women in San Antonio manufacturing handbags and being grossly underpaid and undervalued,” Gretchen Bauer Founder and CEO of BSWANKY describes. “I immediately flew out and partnered with them, purchased their machinery and together we started making leather handbags.”


Gretchen with Sophie Python in Warehouse

Handbag manufacturer increases production to meet anticipated demand

Business Observer, Nov. 16,  2018 - Sarasota-based BSWANKY isn’t just a handbag manufacturer. Founder and CEO Gretchen Bauer considers the company to be in three industries: manufacturing, design and retail.


BSWANKY Team at the Headquarters

Entrepreneur finds new life in handbag manufacturing startup

Gretchen Bauer is an unlikely novice manufacturing entrepreneur.

She spent 20 years in interior design in suburban Philadelphia, working in some of the Main Line’s toniest mansions. “It was fabulous,” she says. “It was a great business. I never had to advertise.”


Moms on a Mission: Gretchen Bauer of BSWANKY Bags

Gretchen Bauer is a local woman with global dreams to shake up the fashion industry. After moving to Sarasota six years ago, Gretchen made a home for herself and her family on the Suncoast. Shortly after, she launched her business, BSWANKY, with a conscious mission — giving women opportunity to create sustainable, trendy handbags through ethical practices. 



The Wendy Sloane Radio Show - What's Up With Wendy

BSWANKY Founder, Gretchen Bauer talks about why and how she started her company. She discusses how she empowers women and the partnership established with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NCBF) BSWANKY aims to #BTheDifference in the lives of women facing breast cancer by making a donation to NBCF for each bag purchased.

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The Business of Life Master Class

The Business of Life Podcast - Interview with Gretchen Bauer. Hosts: Debbie Lundberg & Barbara Zant

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