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BSWANKY's design house complete with gallery and atelier is located right in Sarasota, Florida. We continue to innovate and incorporate both old world artisanal techniques with our modern day state of the art machinery to create bespoke heirlooms that come with their own masterfully created covers, certificate of authenticity and serial numbers. We also have the ability to personalize each item with laser engraving and monograming.   

We focus primarily on custom work and have had the opportunity to create everything from a one of a kind rattlesnake handbag to a python antique pistol holder for an admiral!

Visit us and see for yourself the collaboration, character, and creativity behind the bag.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

BSWANKY values our relationship with all of our suppliers who were chosen from a highly selective set of criteria. We design for our customer, sparing no expense to bring you the highest quality, ethically sourced material and elite handbag experience.  This means your BSWANKY handbag is traceable, and arrives to you with a signed, dated, and serial-numbered certificate of authenticity.

As Everglades pythons evolve each year, the python panels will vary in color tone and marking. Your BSWANKY is a unique, made-to-order masterpiece meticulously crafted just for you,

Values-Driven Luxury

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