At BSWANKY, it is our mission to B The Difference. We source our python from the Florida Everglades to create exotic luxury handbags. Our collaboration with the brave local python hunters and the South Florida National Parks Trust helps to restore the delicate ecosystem by eradicating the invasive python species. Together, we can B The Difference and make sustainability the hottest trend.   

100% of sales of our Python Keychains and 5% of total sales of python handbags will be donated to the South Florida National Parks Trust because here at BSWANKY we believe that Conservation is The Key!  

Happily handcrafted in Sarasota, Florida.

A note from the designer:

Please note each bag may differ slightly from the image shown; the python panels may vary in color tone and markings, therefore making each handbag a one of a kind piece of art. We hand select our skins to compliment the other materials with which they are paired. If you wish to see a photo of the bag you will be receiving, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with one.

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